Four of our employees in G2 Ocean working on one of the open hatch vessels.

Ship Management

World-Class Operations

Our ship management team is responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of our vessels to ensure their safe and efficient performance. This includes crew management, technical maintenance, ensuring regulatory compliance, and implementing safety measures.


Our top priority is crew health, safety, and environmental protection. HSEQ is responsible for the quality of our safety management system and overseeing that Operations adhere to the system. They also support Operations by facilitating good systematic and methodical practices, analysis, training, and auditing.

Vessel Managers

Our skilled Vessel Managers have full ship management responsibility for a group of ships. They ensure compliance with safety measures, fostering a strong safety culture in shipping and implementing best practices.


Our purchasing team efficiently manages procurement, sourcing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and acquiring goods and services for smooth fleet operation. Collaborating with other departments, they optimize processes, reduce costs, and support shipping company success.

Maritime HR

Our maritime HR team manages recruitment, crew, and training. Spearheaded by our Grieg Philippines, they ensure compliance, promote well-being, and support careers from within, starting with young cadets and supporting their career growth, both deck and engine.

Open Hatch

Open hatch vessels, also known as box-shaped hold vessels, are specialized ships designed with hold-wide hatch openings that allow for flexible loading and unloading of cargo. Unlike bulk vessels, which have large cargo holds for transporting commodities such as grain, coal, or ore in bulk form, open hatch vessels offer the advantage of handling various types of cargo, including project cargoes, containers, and general cargoes. The open hatch design enables easy access to the cargo holds, facilitating efficient loading and discharge operations while also providing flexibility in accommodating different cargo sizes and shapes.


Left: Bulk vessel                                                                   Right: OH vessel