Ship management

Our core business is the management of our Open Hatch fleet, a total of  30 vessels. We also act as owners representative for vessels on external management.

Ship Management:

High quality and efficient ships

Our main job is handling the day-to-day management of Grieg Maritime Group‘s open hatch vessels. These multi-purpose geared vessels with box-shaped holds are a special kind of vessel requiring a particular set of knowledge and experience. We always aim to deliver world-class ship management services by combining experience and attention to safety and quality with innovation and continuous improvement. Our HSEQ-policy is the basis for our operations, and together with the other companies in Grieg Maritime Group, we disclose all our ESG-data annually. Our partner, G2 Ocean, trade all our ships worldwide, and together we develop our vessels to be the best our customers can get.

light boat towards L-class vessel

Land organisation

We have a group of highly skilled and experienced Vessel Managers, purchasers, HSEQ specialists, and engineers. Our onshore team have continuous contact with the officers of the vessels. They use an extensive range of systems to ensure that every part of the operation and maintenance of the ships are at its very best. In 1992 the then Chair of the Board , Per Grieg Sr., drafted the company’s nine rules for maintenance, starting with “Our vessels shall always be in top class condition”. The rules still apply and are followed by the Vessel Managers every day. 

Sea organisation

Our open hatch vessels meet our customers’ high-quality requirements to deliver superior cargo care. That also sets them apart from any other vessel type. Our highly qualified seafarers are trained for this particular vessel type and deliver incredibly high quality. An exceptional high return rate among the crew ensures familiarity with the vessels and operational requirements. We are proud to say that our seafarers are the backbone of the operation. Our recruitment agency, Grieg Philippines, handle all seafarer recruitment.

ships' bow

Owners representative:

Collaboration to excel

Grieg Star does not manage all Grieg Maritime Group vessels. To learn from others, we have set a handful of ships out to external ship management companies. To handle this, a small team within Grieg Star liaison with these partners. The same team handles interaction with ship managers on chartered vessels. Their job is twofold. Partly they act on behalf of the shipowner whenever management needs it. And partly, they discuss, evaluate and share knowledge with the external partner to ensure both parties learn from each other. Sustainable Development Goal no 17 is about partnership – and we believe in sharing knowledge with our partners.

Maritime Manpower:

Professional crewing

Grieg Star has been present in the Philippines since 1982, employing Filipino officers and crew. We recruit all Grieg Star seafarers through Grieg Philippines, a modern crewing agency based in Manila. The company was established in 2009 to enhance the focus on training and competence development of our seafarers and build a common company culture. We source our cadets from the Norwegian Shipowners Association’s (NSA) Philippines Cadet Program in preparation for the future. At any given time, we have about 25 cadets in our system. Grieg Star Philippines deliver administrative services to Grieg Star and Grieg Philippines.

light boat towards L-class vessel