On the Covid-19 pandemic

Mar 27, 2020 | News

The CoVid-19 pandemic challenges our operations, but thanks to modern digital systems, an agile organisation and highly professional seafarers, Grieg Star operations continue close to normal.

The Grieg Star Group have supported the government advice to reduce the spreading of Covid-19 and implemented the use of home offices for all land-based employees since the 11th of March. Since that day, we have worked to make sure we are as close to “business as usual” as possible. The extra workload following the effects of the pandemic does impact us. But, our ship management is in full operation thanks to the quality, dedication and adaptability of our employees, supported by the modern tools they use.

The first Grieg Star employees being touched by the effect of the pandemic were our seafarers. While it started with uncertainties regarding our calls to Chinese ports, they now feel the impact in ports all over the world. It has become more challenging to be a seafarer.

Still, our seafarers keep on working. They show immense creativity, optimism and versatility. Thanks to them, we continue to transport the goods the world need, keeping the wheels turning. The pandemic affects the lives of most people in some way. To us, the situation shows how important it is that we build strong institutions and systems. It also shows how much we rely on groups of people that seldom get the most significant news coverage: doctors, nurses, people in supermarkets and shops, cleaners and transport workers. Thanks to them, Grieg Star’s land-based operations continue close to normal.

The situation is developing rapidly. We have cross-business contingency teams working hard to ensure we both respond accordingly, whilst fulfilling our commitments to our customers and the wider society as a whole.