Do you want to change ship management?

Nov 1, 2021 | News

We are in the middle of transforming our business and are hiring both experienced and new talent to help us reach our goals. Maybe one of our open positions fit you?

Decarbonisation and digitisation are dramatically changing how the shipping industry operates. To us, that is an opportunity to develop and improve. We have defined our strategy to have world-class operations and take a leading role in the maritime green shift. 

To achieve that, we need a high performing team with motivated, creative, and competent people. At the moment, we have three exciting open positions:


Performance Manager

We are striving to make our industry carbon-neutral, and at the same time, digitising our operations. To help us succeed, we are looking to add a Performance Manager to our team in Bergen.

HSEQ Coordinator

Our strategic decisions demand that our organisation focus on HSEQ. And now we need someone to take over the role of HSEQ Coordinator. 

Maritime Technical Trainee

We are looking for a talented, technically trained trainee to join us for a 24-month trainee programme, followed by a permanent position.