Agreement on rights for pregnant seafarers

Apr 8, 2022 | News, Sustainable Development Goals 5

The possibility to start a family and keep your career is vital for gender equality. Rights for pregnant seafarers are finally a part of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

The Philippine NIS and Model Agreement has never detailed the rights of pregnant seafarers. The uncertainty for female seafarers relating to this has been a part of hindering gender equity in shipping. Grieg Star has argued in favour of these rights for seafarers for many years.

This year the protocol after the meeting regarding the CBA for Philippine officers and ratings serving on NIS vessels details an essential addition to the agreement. From now on, the company shall repatriate pregnant seafarers at the latest on week 26 of her pregnancy – or before if the nature of the vessel’s operations could be hazardous for her. The seafarer is entitled to her contractual pay through the whole contract period, and the company shall give her preference for rehiring after maternity leave.

“It has taken too long to get this in place. But now, with it finally being a part of the CBA, it would be fitting to acknowledge both NSA and AMOSUP/Norwegian unions for including this. And is right to congratulate all Filipina seafarers with finally getting what they should have had for so long,” says VP Shared Services Eli Vassenden in Grieg Star.

“We hope this change will support a growth in numbers of female seafarers from now on,” says SVP/Head of Grieg Star, Atle Sommer.

The photo shows our 4E Jasmine Cordero signing on at Star Louisiana, taking over for off-signing 4E Honey Mae Lacao.

A snip of text from the collective bargaining agreement