A feast for the eyes

May 5, 2020 | News

We all have to eat. But few of us eat like those having their food prepared by Chief Cook Edmar Taguinod at Star Laguna.


This story should be all photos. Or maybe we should have had a video. With smell. And taste. Because what some of our cooks serve on board is not what most people eat at home. Chief Cook Edmar Taguinod at Star Laguna prides himself in making the food look at least as good as it tastes.

“I usually artistically present the food because I enjoy seeing the amusement of the crew during serving – and the way they enjoy the dishes. Nicely presenting the food makes it extraordinary. But, of course, it has to be nutritious,” Edmar says.

He used to work in a Thai hotel before he started sailing, and has brought with him some tricks from the hotel kitchen. His passion for food has given him the chance to be creative. And, as he points out, cooking is an essential life skill, which should bring joy to those who eat your food.

Edmar always tries to pick up new things when he goes ashore in different countries around the world.

“I always try to taste the local delicacies and make them into my own dishes. It may not always be identical. But my experience in different kitchens and cooking for mix culture crews makes it easier for me to make something most everyone would like”, Edmar explains.

He will not name one favourite dish. He likes making pasta, sushi, pizza, and sweet pastries. But pasta my have a special place in his heart:

“Making pasta has been our family’s homemade business since my childhood days. Through hard work and passion, we were able to carry our family out of poverty. Up to this day, I am still carrying that passion for cooking inside me.”

When asked if his food taste as good as it looks, Edmar leaves the judgement to his crewmates. But he does mention that most people he cooks for, smile and enjoy the food.

“I have received a lot of compliments. I think they are satisfied.”

Looking at the pictures, who wouldn’t be?

Chief Cook Edgar Taguinod 

Edgar Taguinod set his pride in serving food that appeals to both the palate and the eyes.